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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Apple Supermarket

iTunes. It started with music. Now it features movies, TV shows, Apps and books. Earlier today Apple announced a new addition: A newsstand.

It's time iTunes goes back to being a place to organize and enjoy your music.

The App Store should be replaced with Apple's Supermarket which will sell all the digital items mentioned above. Apple can get creative with the names of each one of the shops. "Newsstand" sounds really nice and "Bookstore" will too. It can be designed like a virtual mall.

What will the name of Apple's Supermarket be? Anything but iStore. Please. Enough with the "i"s.

One more thing. People are spending loads of money in iTunes but they never really get anything. Sure you can listen to, watch and read what you bought but you don't get anything to hold in your hands. Thats a problem.

Back in the day when you got a new CD and wanted to share it with a friend you lent it to him. People used to lend out movies and books. Apple should create a method of legally sharing content. You would make a list of 15 friends that you would like to share with and you will be able to "lend" them a CD, movie or book with a click or a tap. During the time that your friend "has" it you would't be able to access it. That's only fair. You can set a time limit for when you want it back, a day, week or month and it will automatically transfer back to your account. Lending things without worrying about getting them back. What a beautiful world that would be.

What do you think?


  1. The idea of "lending" (and not being able to access) content is very very intriguing. Neat! However, the social element is not inherent in iTunes. If I want to lend something I downloaded with my friend John, how does he get it? That's a very difficult problem to overcome, as Apple will want a streamlined process.

    And I do think iTunes is getting a bit stuffy--I don't have an iPhone or iPad, and I don't really use my iPod touch for apps. So I don't need newsstand or bookstore or app store, but there they are, clogging up iTunes.

    So we have iTunes for music (consumed anywhere) and content/apps (consumed on iOS devices), and the Mac App Store (OS X).

    I see where the divisions are complicated, but I don't think there is a fitting solution like the Apple Market, though it might become necessary if Apple keeps entering new markets (or the Apple TV taking off).

  2. When you want to lend something you would click "lend to" and it would become available in your friend's "Downloads" section.