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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Dream Browser

Here is my idea:

No more Email, Blogs, Messengers, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker or Youtube. Sound crazy? I think not.

Desktop are mostly used to create whereas browsers are mostly used to consume and this browser will be all about consuming.

The closest thing to what I envision is a combination of and the Facebook newsfeed just way more complex in what it can do but way more simple in its design.

You find the friends and sites that you want to follow and subscribe to their feeds.

The browser is full screen and displays nothing but content. No menus, address bar or buttons. When you need to access a control you move your mouse to the top, bottom or sides of the screen and the options slide in.

All the controls will be used as filters so the browser will only display what you want it to.

Websites would still exist they would just leave the navigation to the browser.

Here are the controls/filters: 
On the top:

Address Bar/Search: Here is where you go to find the content you want to subscribe to or view

Categories: Personal, Work, News, Entertainment, Friends, Family and custom categories. When you make a selection you will only view content from the category or categories you selected. You can also select a particular person from within each category and in the news category you can select a particular topic/location.

Media Type: Here you can select what kind of content you want to view: Text, Audio, Photos, Video, Files etc. For example in "Categories" you can select "Family" and in "Media Type" you can select "Photos" and your feed will be populated with just family photos.

Post: Here is where you can share you content and define the nature of the content. You can choose to share with the world, a group of people based on your categories, a few people or just one person.

On the right side:

Date Filter: Here you can filter what the browser should display based on date: Today, This Week, This month or a particular date.

Length Filter: Here you can select the length of the content you want to view: If you want to view an in depth article or a short video you would select the length you want and only content that matches your selection will display.

On the bottom:

Content Nature: Here you can select the nature of the content you want to see: Latest, Priority, Random or select what your in the mood of: Live Event, Funny, Cute, Odd, Music, Inspiring, Engaging, Intellectual etc.

On the left side: Browser settings and preferences.

All your content is stored on your personal internet connected hard drive. You can log in to your browser from any device and access your content.

In summary: You don't see the browser you just see content and only the content you want to see. You don't go to find content, the content comes to you.

What do you think?

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