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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where's My iWatch?

Dear Apple,

Long before you released the multi touch iPod nano I was longing for an iWatch. During the September 2010 Special event, Steve Jobs mentioned that an Apple employee began using the multi touch nano as a watch. Now, with yesterday's launch of of the updated multi touch nano, you are displaying the "nano watch" on the nano's feature page.

Well, I don't want an iPod nano that can be used as a watch with a third party band. I want an iWatch.

Here is what I want:
  • I want my iWatch to work in sync and be the wireless interface for my iOS devices.
  • I want to view/reply to messages and notifications without having to take my iOS device out of my case, pocket, purse, or bag.
  • I want to use it to make song selections.
  • I want be able to view reminders, calendar events, stocks, and weather.
  • I want to use it as a caller ID display for my iPhone. This way I can just use my bluetooth to talk and not have to reach for my iPhone.
  • I want to use it to view my contacts and initiate a call for my bluetooth
And, of course, I want it so I can tell time. You make all these beautiful products but most of them hide in cases and pockets. I haven't worn a watch in years, but if I can have the functionally mentioned above I can't wait to show off my fashionable Apple timepiece. 

Please let me know when I can pick one up at my local Apple store.

Thank you.

- Waiting Wrist

PS: For the iWatch 2 you can add a FaceTime camera to the front. 


What features would you add to the iWatch? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. That would be a whole lot more useful than an iPod nano as a watch. Of course I'd like a cross-platform one that's open source and supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone, but still ... here's hoping!

  2. - I want it to vibrate reminders
    - I want it to remote control my Apple TV
    - I want to swipe through notifications
    - I want it to ping and alert my geo-bubble (my girlfriend is around the corner, approaching...)